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My Press Release


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Déa Establishes Music Ministry with “You Lift Me Up”

(PRWEB) MAY 05, 2020

Performing artist Déa announces the establishment of a music ministry coinciding with the release of her newest single, “You Lift Me Up.” Available on multiple music platforms the song emphasizes the role of spiritual grace in raising us through life’s harder times.

“What I want to do with my music is to tell that story, not the story of triumph, but the story of the journey,” Déa describes.

Spiritual mentor and Evangelist-Actress-Producer Lee Benton praises Déa’s efforts in fulfilling the purpose of her music ministry.

“This talented singer, songwriter, musician, author, inventor, [and] humanitarian has a bold, strong love [and] dedication to God, which shines through in everything she does. [Déa is] always helping others in her time, talents, and donations to many charities across the world, so others may have a better life.”

The struggles many of us face are also filled with redeeming grace. As a Christian recording artist, Déa is a survivor with the positivity to inspire mindful change in life. Music comes to her through spirit as Déa explains, “in the fullness of God’s time.”

Support Déa’s Music Ministry at @deaministry on social media
For more on Lee Benton see:


My Charity

"Déa Viola, the President of The Baby Flamingo Co, was deeply touched by the disempowerment of girls in Africa as a result of their normal biological process and has spearheaded the Pads for Schoolgirls Project for HHI, donating not only her time, energy and expertise, but also the design and manufacture of the first Pad Kits sent to Future Victory School."  Christopher Buck, President of Humanity Healing International.

The President's Call To Service Award and
The Companionate of Merit Award by the
Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem  
Riverside , CA      Sept 2013
Accepting the President's Call to Service Award
Attending the HOSLJ Gala Award Dinner

Marriage and Family Counseling Program

Got a Diploma in Marriage and Family Counseling from Light University powered by the AACC
Class of 2020 Dr. Cindy Trimm's Kingdom School of Ministry

Rockwood Music Hall - NYC March 2016

Perfoming at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC
Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

Dr. Cindy Trimm's Kingdom School of Ministry Class of 2020

"Victory Road with Lee Benton" , an award winning show, with Actress, Producer,
Evangelist Lee Benton Performing at CBS Studios Service - Hollywood, CA        May 2016                                                                  
The Victory Road aired on the UPLIFTV channel on  Direct TV this Oct 1st, 2016.
Interview with Evangelist Lee Benton in the Award-Winning Show Victory Road with Lee Benton
"Mom Said, Mom Said" with The Moms - Denise Albert & Melissa Musen Gernstein
Featured on the Today Show!
Interviewed on prime time segment on PIXII with The MOMS - Denise Albert & Melissa Musen Gernstein

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